Hello world!

Hello! I’m books28!

I’m a teenager living in England. I am currently studying 12 GCSEs (+Astronomy, Vocational Ballet, CLAIT). I am very busy but wanted to start a blog really for myself, as I am so bad at keeping a diary! 🙂 I doubt anyone will read this 🙂 (though you obviously are!)

I love reading, writing and dancing.  I do a lot of dancing.  I do dance at my ballet school for 3 hours and 45 minutes every Saturday and have two 45 minute sessions on Wednesday evening. I have two Grade 6 classes and also Intermediate Foundation classes (these make up 3 hours of the work!), I also have one Modern Dance class. Yes, before you ask I am on pointe 🙂 I have been working on pointe for just over a year now! I also practice Modern Dance at school spending up to 3 hours a week working towards a production at school :)!

On top of this I sing in the school choir, participate in Junior Politics Society, work in Grade 4 piano and take extracurricular GCSE’s (German in the mornings-3 sessions in the week-, Astronomy and CLAIT!) Busy, busy! And before you ask if I have any friends, I do! I have 6 best friends at school and a lot of friends at ballet of which 2 are my best friends. Yes, most of my best friends at school have a heavy workload and how do we cope? I don’t know, probably a lot of late nights!




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